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Microservices in Publish-Subscribe communication using Apache Kafka as a Messaging Systems and validated through Integration Test.

Publish-Subscribe Messaging systems play an important role in any enterprise architecture as it enables reliable integration without tightly coupling the applications. The ability to share data between decoupled systems is not a problem that is easily tackled. Consider an enterprise with multiple applications that are being built independently, with different languages and platforms. It needs …

Java @annotations

Key Java @Annotations to build full Spring Boot Rest API

This post aims to demonstrate key Java @annotations used to build a functional Spring Boot Rest API. The use of Java annotation gives developers the capability to reduce the code verbosity by a simple annotation. As an example, we can refer to a transaction. By the standard pro-grammatically process with a transaction template, this requires …

SOA and process services integration

Service-oriented architectures (SOA) has brought significant gains for process automation. According to the official definition of OASIS [1], it is a paradigm for organizing and utilizing distributed resources that may be under the control of different domains of ownership. Although the official definition may be ambiguous, it is possible to define SOA as a paradigm …

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