About Me

Hi, I am J. E. Evora, a Software Engineer with a master’s degree in Computer Engineering by the University of Aveiro. I am skilled in .Net(5), WCF(5), C#(5), Java(8), Spring Boot(2), SOA(5).

I have been working with many different variants of frameworks for several projects. I have professional experience with infrastructure and back-end logic. This enables me to make performance decisions and build applications that are secure and scalable.

In a real work environment, I feel more comfortable as a back-end developer to design and built data-intensive applications using mostly Java and C#. These applications can incorporate Event-Driven (MOM, Event Sourcing- for enterprise software or Stream Processing- for internet companies) using tools like Rabbit MQ or Kafka, ETL processes, data delivery, RESTful API’s (JSON and XML), SOAP-based Web Service (XML) and Workflows.

I am a big proponent of using micro-service patterns to build loosely coupled services, design patterns (Creational, Structural, Behavioral) and the ability to recognize code smell and anti-patterns (primitive obsession, data class, data clump…) in software development.

Another server-side language that interests me is Scala. Although I have used Scala less than I would like, only in some MOOC courses, I have a keen interest in work with Scala in a real work environment. I like their powerful ability to handle parallelism and concurrency.

During my stay at IEETA: Institute of Electronics and Informatics Engineering of Aveiro, in a research project, my responsibility was to develop and manage foundation services and work close with the architect in research and discover new technologies and also new ways to improve the court information system of Cape Verde (SIJ), assuring availability and performance with an emphasis on software quality processes and guarantee the execution of software architecture principles (SOLID or ACID instead BASE) and design patterns.